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Why just dry your hands when you can also improve air quality?  American Dryer's team of engineers created Cold Plasma Clean Technology ™.  Cold Plasma Clean Technology (CPC) is one of the most hygienic methods of hand drying.  CPC technology is solid state and maintenance-free.  No more expensive filters, chemicals or labor.

American Dryer hand dryer with Cold Plasma Technology (CPC)CPC uses bipolar ionization to clean air much like mother nature.  High levels of ionization are found in the fresh air breeze off the ocean or on top of a mountain.  American Dryer's Cold Plasma Generator inside the ExtremeAir® uses positive and negative discharge points to split water molecules in the air into oppositely charged hydrogen and oxygen ions.  These ions in turn clean the air.  

Cold Plasma breaks down harmful microbes naturally, without chemicals.  EXTREME AIR© CPC is the only hand dryer with patent-pending Cold Plasma Clean Technology.  CPC technology has been used to improve air quality in commercial buildings since the 1930's.  Schools, hospitals and other facilities use thie technology to keep air clean.  More recently, cold plasma has been used in the medical industry and food process industries to break down harmful microbes. 

Visit American Dryer's website to see all of their available hand dryers.  Various models are available to meet even the most demanding hand drying applications.  Low wattage units are also available for those applications where a non-dedicated circuit is not available (EXT Series).  Models are available in ABS, Steel Epoxy, Steel Black Graphite, Steel Satin Chrome and Stainless Steel.  American Dryer was been creating quality hand dryers for over 60 years. 

Extreme Air - American Dryer product imageAmerican Dryer has a Cost Calculator to help you visualize cost savings by switching to a hand dryer versus paper towels.  The calculator will also show you the impact on the enviroment.

Please contact us today for a quote on an American Dryer.  Start using one of the most hygienic methods of drying hands and save a tree or two in the process.