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Generac Guardian Maintenance / Cold Weather kit #6212

Generac Guardian Maintenance

So you have your new Generac Guardian series generator installed. Now what? Well that is a great question. Generac Guardian series generators come with a break-in oil (SAE30) that needs to be replaced after the generator has run for 25 hours.

After your generator has 25 operating hours on it the factory recommends changing the oil. They have several different recommendations for oil types depending on ambient temperatures. Now with that being said a 5W30 synthetic oil is recommended for all temperature ranges and may very well be your best choice for our Michigan weather.

Manufacturer oil recommendations:
SAE30: above 32F
10w30: -10 – 40F
5w30 synthetic: all temperature ranges.

After the break-in oil has been changed you need to change the oil/filter in your generator every 200 hours or 2 years whichever comes first. Please see maintenance section of your generator manual for recommendations.

Cold Weather kit (Generac #6212)

If you are installing a cold weather kit with your new Generac Guardian standby generator, the kit says to use synthetic oil. The cold weather kit comes with an oil filter. It is important that you keep the break-in oil in the generator for 25 operating hours. Generac says you can use the cold weather kit with the break-in oil but at 25 operating hours the oil then needs to be changed to a synthetic. So set the oil filter you received in the cold weather kit aside and use it when your generator has reached 25 hours and you change the oil.

In speaking with a factory representative they also said you can manually run the generator to get your 25 hours of run time in.

Now would probably be a great time to set-up a maintenance schedule with your installing contractor to keep your Generac Guardian generator running smoothly for years to come.