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RAB ENTRA 12 Watt Doorway Light

The RAB ENTRA12 is an affordable, high performance, low-maintenance LED doorway light.  The ENTRA12 is suitable for mounting heights up to 10', and replaces a 70 watt HPS HID source.  This product has a 100,000 hour LED lifespan and a 5 year warranty.  The molded lens/housing is made of vandal resistant polycarbonate.  The LEDs are a bright 5000K color with 89LPW.  The ENTRA is also ADA compliant.  RAB's LED L70 lifespan is no longer 50,000 hours.  RAB's conservative nature led them to publish lifespan numbers that ended up being far less than the actual 100,000 hours they now are rated for.  This rating covers both new and previously released RAB LED fixtures.  With an average daily use of 10 hours, it will take 27 years for RAB LEDs to reach 70% of their initial output.